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In this second story about Fuddles the cat (Fuddles, 2011), he is accidentally locked out of the house on Christmas Eve, leading to a snowy adventure for the pampered feline.
In the self-centered manner of most cats, Fuddles thinks all the special Christmas decorations and preparations must be there just for him. There’s an unguarded table with a huge turkey, packages with interesting ribbons, and an enormous tree with lights and sparkly ornaments, just waiting for him to climb. After the Christmas tree topples to the ground, a befuddled Fuddles runs out the open door just as guests are entering. But Fuddles is clearly an indoor cat. Suddenly, he is in a frozen, white world, and he can’t get back into the house. He rambles around his yard, plowing through the snowdrifts, before finding his way back into the house by sliding down the chimney. Vischer, an animator for Disney, provides polished, computer-generated illustrations, showing off the cat’s comical, high-energy antics with effective use of display type and white space. He uses a satisfying array of perspectives, including a surprising, all-black spread of the cat sliding down the chimney that is laugh-out-loud funny.
Fuddles is quite a character, and kids (and adults) who love cats will love Fuddles too. (Picture book. 4-7)

- Kirkus Review

December Holiday Books

The pampered feline star of Fuddles (2011) is back and on the prowl for holiday treats. When Fuddles follows the delectable aromas to the dining room and spies a fancy, feast-laden table, he can’t contain himself: “Me-wow!” But an authoritative voice shoos him from the dinner, presents, gingerbread house, and decorated tree, sending him scurrying right out the front door into the fluffy “white stuff” outside. Of course, once the family realizes what’s happened, they welcome Fuddles back in the style to which his tubby tummy has grown accustomed. The entertaining antics of this black-and-white charmer are charged by several memorable images, including a tumble down the dark chimney. Ages 4–7. Agent: Paul Rodeen, Rodeen Literary Management. (Oct.)

- Publishers Weekly, Reviewed on October 1, 2013

The Library Journal Review:

In this holiday follow-up to Fuddles (S & S, 2011), the fat, mischievous, black-and-white cat ends up demolishing the Christmas feast and decorations. Once again he is thrown outdoors, this time into the snow. After several humorous misadventures trying to get back in, a dramatic and hilarious spread shows his barely controlled descent down the chimney with an OOMPH, to a warm bath... a soft towel… and a home-cooked meal. Vischer’s expressive, full-color cartoon illustrations flow well with the text and will work well during storytime. Fuddles’s fans will not be disappointed.

- Maureen Wade, formerly at Los Angeles Public Library.

The Library Journal Review:
The Horn Book

Fat and spoiled as ever, Fuddles the cat is back (Fuddles, 2011) in this comical holiday sequel. Fuddles can’t help but investigate the many holiday decorations and treats that surround him. When he accidentally knocks over the Christmas tree, he bolts through an open door and finds himself locked out in the snow. A rowdy squirrel chase sends him tumbling down the chimney and back inside, safe with his family. The digitally rendered illustrations capture Fuddles’s frantic feline physicality, as well as his contented expressions.

- Shara Hardeson

Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Fuddles is a very fat, spoiled cat. Whatever he wants, he gets, even when what his wants is, quite frankly, outrageous. One day Fuddles wakes up and he smells something delicious. When he goes to investigate he sees that the dining table is loaded down with mouthwatering food. Naturally Fuddles assumes that the food is for him. When he jumps on the table he finds out that the turkey, pie and other delicious goodies are not for him. Neither are the wrapped presents, the gingerbread house, and the decorated tree. Fuddles does not fully appreciate this until he climbs the tree, tips it over and then somehow ends up on the wrong side of the front door.

   Something very strange has happened outside. The ground is covered with cold, wet, white stuff. Someone has taken away the grass and leaves and flowers. The environment is so alien and hostile that Fuddles soon gets hopelessly lost. Fuddles is in trouble. Again.

   This second Fuddles book is deliciously funny and readers will immediately fall in love with the chunky cat who is ruled by his stomach. The illustrations will make readers laugh out loud and they are beautifully complimented by the carefully understated text.

- Marya Jansen-Gruber


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Fuddles Christmas Cat drawing